Death Rides A Horse

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For the last decade, a lucky few from the Deus Ex Machina team have travelled the world on bikes and boards; creating stories and taking in some of the world’s best surf breaks, desert tracks and landscapes. As the responsibilities of adult life started to pile up, these trips became less frequent.

To top up their tanks of adventurous spirit, they rendezvoused at the Minchinton Ranch in California and set their sights south of the border. With no more than a roadmap and a pocketful of pesos, they hit the road on a ‘roll-of-the-dice-could-be-our-last’ trip together through Baja Mexico.

Join Zye Norris, Forrest Minchinton, Lewie Dunn, Matt Cuddihy, Harrison Roach and Micah Davis as they descend south with custom bikes, boards, and a ’63 Chevy wagon that’s sure to bring them worse headaches than the cheapest of tequilas.

Directed by Dustin Humphrey